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Podiatrists specialise in the management of disease and disorder of the lower limb and foot. The foot is a highly complex structure, which can develop problems affecting your overall health and quality of life.

Podiatry can significantly improve quality of life by promoting and maintaining mobility.

We offer a variety of services here at Williamstown Podiatry.

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Maintain Foot Health

If your feet are hard to manage, Podiatrists can help with the continual maintenance of your skin and nail care.


Warts are caused by a virus that creates a benign lesion on your skin. We have numerous treatments we can provide to treat your warts.


Podiatrists can conduct a biomechanical assessment and determine whether you need orthotics to help with your foot problem.


Corns are part of the ‘callus’ family. They form hard painful lesions underneath or on top of your feet. Podiatrists can remove these and can educate you on prevention.


Podiatrists can also treat children. We can assess your child’s biomechanics and give orthotics and footwear advice. We also frequently see ingrown toenails, sweaty feet and treat warts also.

Footwear Advice

Sometimes it’s hard to find the correct fitting footwear. Whether you need a more supportive shoe or a wider one, we can assess your feet and give you appropriate footwear recommendations.

Ingrown Nails

We regularly treat ingrown toenails and can educate you on the correct technique to maintain and treat your toenails at home. We also frequently perform permanent removal of ingrown toenails by surgery.

Diabetic Foot Advice

Diabetic patients are advised to see a podiatrist regularly. Diabetics are at a higher risk of nerve and circulation issues which can lead to delayed healing and infection. Podiatrists can help manage your foot care and give advice in the maintenance of your diabetic feet.

Our Team


Heather Young

Podiatrist / Director

Heather opened Williamstown Podiatry in 1988. She specialises in the management of the diabetic foot, biomechanics and nail health. Improving people's quality of life is her main motivator, and loves the most challenging cases of foot problems.


Nerida Balbata


Nerida joined the practice in 2023 and brings with her over 13 years of podiatry experience, blending expertise with compassion to enhance patients' mobility. As a mother of two boys, Nerida understands the importance of nurturing a family's well being. Nerida has a broad scope of expertise including paediatrics, biomechanics, orthotic prescription and nail surgery. Nerida enthusiastically welcomes all patients into her care, dedicated to fostering optimal foot health.

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